Preceyes B.V. is a Dutch medical robotics company focused on ocular surgery. We develop, build and commercialize innovative robotic solutions to assist eye surgeons in performing the most demanding surgical tasks. Our first target is vitreoretinal diseases, which are the number 1 cause of visual impairment in developed economies. Our award-winning PRECEYES Surgical System enables the development of new, high-precision treatments and broadens access to the most delicate surgical treatments.

Principal investigator

Maarten Beelen, the PI of Preceyes in the STORM-BOTS project, is co-founder and CTO of Preceyes B.V.. Maarten has a mechatronic design background with a MSc degree in robotics and experience effectively translating clinical challenges into technical solutions. He is responsible for the hardware and software R&D programs as well as for practical implementation, supporting application development and evaluation activities.