The ultimate goal of STORM-BOTS is to provide a new generation of highly-skilled scientists with a solid multidisciplinary, inter-sectoral and international training in the field of Liquid Crystal-based actuators and robotic systems.

The research programme of STORM-BOTS, implemented through thirteen Early Stage Researchers, has as a main scientific objective the development of an advanced and versatile technology platform, relying on liquid-crystal materials responsive to different stimuli, advanced manufacturing tools as well as theory and modelling, to progress towards robotic functions. 

The implementation of this programme will enable the creation of soft responsive components and surfaces with unparalleled functions and performance, contributing to further develop robotics and haptics.

The research programme will target three specific objectives through their corresponding work packages:

  1. To develop an experimental toolbox comprising liquid-crystal materials and advanced manufacturing tools to fashion them into soft actuation and robotic systems.
  2. To generate a theoretical framework and computational tools to better understand how different factors, including materials, stimuli, geometry and director pattern, control the active shape-morphing of liquid crystal elastomers.
  3. To progress novel concepts and designs enabling the creation of advanced liquid crystal-based soft actuating elements and robotic functions.