Tommaso visits the Hospital Clínico Universitario Lozano Blesa during his secondment at CSIC

Tommaso (ESR-13 at PRECEYES) has visited the Ophthalmology Department of the Hospital Clínico Universitario Lozano Blesa in Zaragoza, to see first-hand surgical procedures. Tommaso was kindly hosted by CSIC collaborator Dr. Francisco Javier Lara Medina, a vitro-retinal surgeon at this Hospital.

Tommaso tells us more about his visit in this post:

“It has been an amazing opportunity to see how vitreoretinal surgery is performed. It is impressive to realize how the surgeons manage to face the complex steps of these procedures, such as Inner Limiting Membrane peeling. I was particularly impressed about the level of dexterity required to interact with the delicate anatomical structures of the eye at a micrometer scale. The demand for accuracy and precision shows the potential of soft robotics in this specific application, to allow an even safer interaction with the retina and, in this way, improve the surgical outcome. I thank @Carlos for giving me this opportunity and Javier for walking me through the complete surgery.”

In the photo (left to right): Dr. Isabel Bartolomé Sesé, Dr. Javier Ramos Duarte, Dr. Francisco Javier Lara Medina, Tommaso Da Col