Yasaman Nemati – ESR 10




Yasaman Nemati obtained her Bachelor degree (B.Sc.) in polymer Engineering from Tehran Polytechnic in Iran, and her Master degree (M.Sc.) in polymer engineering from the University of Tehran in 2015 and 2018 respectively. During her Master project, she was working on microfluidic systems to fabricate nanoparticles for the adsorption of heavy metal ions. In late September 2021, she joined STORM-BOTS as the ESR-10 and is working with the Smart Photonic Materials Group at Tampere University. Her research focuses on the design of Magneto-photo responsive actuators.

Research interests

Liquid crystal elastomer, soft robotics, magneto responsive materials, photoresponsive materials


Research project: ESR 10 – Magneto-photoresponsive actuators with complex and reconfigurable shape

In liquid crystal elastomer (LCE) photoactuators, synergistic use of photochemical and photothermal actuation mechanisms allows devising soft-robotic constructs with programmable and reconfigurable shape. A grand challenge in light-driven soft robots relates to the penetration of excitation beams into, e.g., biological tissues. In this respect, magneto-driven actuators provide a viable alternative. This ESR will devise a multi-responsive platform, driven by both light and magnetic fields, that allows for reconfigurable underwater actuation, and subsequently utilize 4D printing for extending these multi-responsive actuators beyond simple thin-sheet geometries. The project will have a significant outreach towards mechanobiology where remotely controlled and reversible shape morphing is desired.

Planned secondments: Max Planck Institute (Peer Fischer) for the design of magneto-photo-responsive actuators; Nanoscale Biomagnetics (company intrenship) to explore relevant parameters of magnetic actuation and its optimization; CSIC (Carlos Sánchez-Somolinos) for 4D printing of magneto-photoresponsive actuators with complex shapes and morphologies.

PhD programme – University: Doctoral Programme in Engineering and Natural Sciences

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CSIC (ES) - May to Jul 2023