Hao Zeng

Hao Zeng, Academy of Finland Postdoctoral Fellow, obtained his PhD in photonics in April 2015 from the European Laboratory for Non-linear Spectroscopy, University of Florence, Italy, under Supervision of Prof. Diederik Wiersma. During that time, he developed two-photon-absorption-based laser fabrication techniques for light-actuated materials and micro-robots. Since May 2016 he has worked as a postdoctoral fellow in the Smart Photonic Materials (SPM) Group. His research focus lies in various aspects related to photomechanical actuation, bioinspired materials and millimeter-scale robots with cool capacities, such as walking, rolling, flipping, jumping and diving. Hao has co-supervised three PhD students, 1 MSc, 1 BSc, and 4 visiting students. In total, he has published 35 articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals, which have gained more than 2100 citations, yielding an H-index of 17. Of the 35 publications, 5 have been endorsed as Highly Cited Papers by Web of Science, and 8 of them have been selected as cover stories. The results have been highlighted by leading journals such as Nature, Nature Photonics and Nature Material Reviews, and reported by public media such as The New York Times, USA Today, New Scientist, C&EN, German National Radio, YLE, Aamulehti, etc.