eXact Lab

eXact Lab

eXact-lab s.r.l. is a start-up spin-off the Italian CNR (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche) in 2011, with a mission of bringing the profound expertise in the field of High Performance and Scientific Computing of its founding members to enterprises and other academic institutions. Over the course of the years, eXact-lab s.r.l. has been involved in several European and Italian projects, NFFA-EUROPE, EUSMI and ExaNeSt just to quote a few, with the role of providing support for HPC and Data Driven issues. The company has renowned expertise in deploying and optimizing complex software stack on clusters and cloud computing infrastructure, as well as a wide range of proficiencies, ranging from software development and optimization, to data management and analytics.

Scientist in charge

Francesco De Giorgi IT specialist and entrepreneur with 15 years experience in deploying and maintaining high performance distributed infrastructures, to accomplish complex projects in public and private environments. Highly familiar with operations challenges, from automating large-scale infrastructures to troubleshoot inexplicable system-level issues.

Key personnel

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