Aqdot (pronounced as “ay-queue-dot”) is a Cambridge (UK)-based supramolecular chemistry company with a focus and expertise in developing, licensing and selling novel proprietary products. Aqdot was spun out of the Chemistry Department in the University of Cambridge in 2013. Aqdot is making cucurbit[n]urils at multi-tonne scale for a variety of applications: areas from air filtering in transportation, odour/VOC capture in home/personal care and industrial environments; and in the biological area for allergen and virus inactivation and as a pharmaceutical delivery system for conventional therapeutics (e.g. for cancer) or nucleic acids (e.g. in vaccines). Aqdot has achieved REACH approval for the production of CB[n] at 100 tonne/annum.

Scientist in charge

Technology Leader

Andrew has 35+ years of experience in formulation and application of soft matter science. He has worked in R&D on product-process co-design at Schlumberger and Kodak and is now in his 6th year in understanding and applying Aqdot’s supramolecular chemistry. Andrew has published over 80 research papers (H-index 32) and 25 patents and served as an honorary visiting academic at the University of Cambridge’s BP Institute. Andrew has served his professional community: e.g. he is Immediate Past President of The British Society of Rheology, has served as chairman of the RSC/SCI UK Colloid Group and as President of the European Colloid and Interface Society ECIS.