Lab tour for high school students

Introducing the research work to young students and arousing their interest in science, especially in materials science, nanotechnology and robotics, is one of the STORM-BOTS goals. Last week one of our ESRs, Zixuan Deng, participated in a lab tour at Tampere University and gave 22 high school students a demonstration on light-fueled liquid crystal soft […]

CSIC Support session for Doctoral Networks

A support session for the preparation of Horizon Europe – Doctoral Networks 2021 proposals was held today at CSIC. It has been organised by the Spanish National Research Council’s European Unit with the aim of supporting researchers who want to apply to the call.STORM-BOTS has participated as a successful case of a proposal for an […]

4D printing for soft robotics on TV

4D printing of Liquid Crystal Elastomers developed at the Advanced Manufacturing Laboratory (AML) at CSIC, highlighted in the first episode of the science divulgation show “Agujero de Gusano” at Aragon TV (July 5th, 2021, 22:00 h). Soft Robotic functions for biomedical applications is just an example of the technology to be developed in STORM-BOTS. We […]