Nadia Grossiord

Nadia Grossiord is a polymer engineer by training and currently a staff scientist of the SABIC R&D division where she has held several positions, all of them related to functional surfaces and interfaces. She is now part of the Megatrends, Incubation and Technical Competencies group. She has published more than 40 articles in the field of nanocomposites, organic solar cells and responsive materials in internationally recognized journals, 2 book chapters (notably in the Encyclopedia of Polymer Science and Technology), and 1 book. Furthermore, she is co-inventor of 12 patent applications and a regular reviewer for journals like ACS Materials Letters or the Journal of Materials Chemistry. Nadia has extensive experience in supervising and/or coaching of students/more junior colleagues, which is an activity that she particularly enjoys.
Her research interests deal with wettability/adhesion-related matters, functional surfaces and films, colloids and responsive materials.

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