Jeroen Sol

Jeroen Sol holds a Ph.D. in polymer and materials science from Eindhoven University of Technology, obtained under supervision of Prof. Albert Schenning and Dr. Michael Debije (2022). Through education and research, Jeroen has built up a solid background in polymer chemistry, polymer optics, organic luminescence, and additive manufacturing. His thesis, titled “Cholesteric Liquid Crystals in Additive Manufacturing”, describes the synthesis, processing, and application of multi-stimuli-responsive, structurally coloured liquid crystalline elastomers for 3D printing, and has been awarded the KNCV Challa Polymer Prize 2021-2022 for best Ph.D. dissertation in Dutch polymer research. The colour-changing beetles printed during this project have been exhibited at Dutch Design Week 2022. Working for TNO at Holst Centre since late 2022, Jeroen focusses on 3D printed electronics and incorporation of novel material concepts therein.