Duygu Sezen Polat – ESR 9





Duygu Sezen Polat obtained her B.Sc. and M.Sc. degree in Chemical Engineering from Middle East Technical University in 2017 and 2020, respectively. In her studies, she developed graphene oxide-based aerogels for environmental applications.

Duygu joined the STORM-BOTS program in August 2021 as ESR 9. She is working with the Stimuli-responsive Functional Materials & Devices research group at the Eindhoven University of Technology while pursuing her PhD degree in Chemical Engineering and Chemistry. Her research focuses on developing liquid crystal actuators with electrical feedback mechanisms that can self-regulate the actuation in terms of position, directionality and force.

Research Interests

Liquid crystal elastomers, soft robotics, soft actuators

Research project: ESR 9 – Liquid crystal actuator with electrical feedback mechanism

In this project, we will develop an electrically driven actuator connected to an electronic system that not only sense and act but also regulate the actuation. A proof of principle demonstrator will be developed based on simple electronic scheme that perform these three functions in a single functional element where sensing (force, amplitude) and acting are coupled via an electronic feedback loop.

The results will the first steps to fully functional electrically driven soft robots which can be integrated with transistor controlled local powering to perform very complex, and multi-directional robotic functions, e.g. to perform in-vivo medical treatments.

The selected ESR will be hired by TU/e and will develop her/his activity at the department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry performing secondments at CSIC (Sánchez-Somolinos), PRECEYES (Beelen) and University of Cambridge (Biggins)

PhD programme – University: Programme in Chemical Engineering, TU/e



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