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Lovish Gulati completed his M.Sc. in Physics at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India. In his master’s project, he explored the properties of CVD grown monolayer Molybdenum disulfide using different characterization techniques. In Jan 2021, he joined for an internship program at MPI-FKF, to study Graphene/BTS heterostructures which are of great interest due to proximity induced spin-orbit coupling. In July 2021 he has been selected as ESR5 of the STORM-BOTS project at Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems.

Through his research experience,  Lovish became fascinated by how the matter on nanoscale can be tailored to get desired properties for studying various fundamental phenomena. He is always curious to learn new experimental techniques and contribute significantly in the related research areas.

Research Interests

Liquid Crystal Elastomers, Actuators, nanorobotics, soft matter.


Research project: ESR 5 – Magnetic field assisted assembly and alignment of Liquid Crystal Elastomers (LCEs)

While light and temperature have extensively been studied as stimuli to create LCE robotic elements, the use of chemically, electrically and magnetically stimulated LCEs is underexplored. External powering and remote addressing of soft robotic functions needs to be further developed, preferentially wirelessly. In this project advanced microstructuring methods will be developed and combined with active nano systems and magnetic control to realize novel LCE architectures and soft robotic functions.

The selected ESR will be hired by Max Planck Society and will perform research stays (secondments) at Aqdot (United Kingdom), CSIC (Spain) and Sant’Anna School for Advanced Studies (Italy)

PhD programme – University: The research will take place at the Max Planck Institute and at the University of Stuttgart. The Ph.D. degree will be registered at the Univ. of Stuttgart: Doctoral Programme in Chemistry.



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