Charlotte Kjellander

Charlotte Kjellander received her MSc in Chemical Technologies in 2001 from Lund Institute of Technologies, Lund University, Sweden, including education at EPFL, Switzerland, and her PhD in Materials Sciences in 2006 from Eindhoven University of Technology (TUe), the Netherlands. The research interests during Charlotte’s career have included research in material properties of organic and polymeric materials for optical and electronical applications at TUe, Philips and the Holst Centre, as well as industrial development of large area coating technologies and development of smart IoT materials for the building and construction market. Her work has resulted in several patents and peer reviewed articles. Currently at the Holst Centre, Charlotte leads the technical developments of electronics integration for wearable applications, with special interests in organic materials for sensing applications, conformable materials for printed electronics for health applications, and haptics and tactile materials for augmented experience. Charlotte is and has been involved in several FP7, H2020, PENTA and Eurostar funded projects, some of them are Apatch, Ulimpia, Inno4Health, GaitKeeper, One-P and FLAME.